Our Adventure

We have left Alaska and heading down the Alaska Highway. After passing into the Yukon Territory we spent one day in Whitehorse, the capitol of the territory and then to Watson Lake where the famous Sign Post Forest is growing next to the Visitor Center. There are now over 70,000 signs hanging on dozens of 6 x 6 20 ft high posts. Hard to describe. Somewhere among these is a sign for our Township of Ocean that our friends the Novicks put up twenty years ago.

From there we next found ourselves at Liard Hot Springs. Don't bother looking for us in this picture, we are not in the pool.

Our campsite for the next two nights was on beautiful Muncho Lake, YT. Following are some pictures of that area:

The entrance to a hiking trail up the path of an ancient glacier wash.

We reached the southern terminus of the Alaska highway at Dawson Creek, YT.

Having enjoyed the Jasper - Banff area so much on our way to Alaska, we decided to pay it a visit on our return trip. We camped the first night at Whistler Mtn just south of Jasper and near the Jasper Tram. Wapiti (elk) greated us as we arrived at the camp. You will notice that he is sticking out his tongue -- not at me!

From the top of the Tram, this is a view of Jasper Park Lodge sited on intensly blue-green Lac Beauvert, one of many colorful lakes in the area.

A short way south on the Icefields Parkway found us at Sunwapta Falls. Here'e that falling water again.

Further down the Icefield Pkwy is the Athabaska Glacier which is the escape route for some of the ice on the Columbia Icefield. I hiked up to the foot of it and stood on the last 2 feet of the glacier. There was no one there to take my picture so you will just have to trust me on this.

Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump is the name of a place in Alberta, west of Lethbridge where over a 10 thousand year period the natives herded buffalo and stampeded them over a cliff where they could then butcher them, thus providing the entire tribe with food, clothing and shelter for the Winter.


This was a depiction of the event at the interpretive center, Most impressive. At that time the natives had no guns.

Surrounding this jump site was rolling prairie.

Near our campsite at Buffalo Plains was this rather sad old pickup sitting in a field. It had a colorful paint job, though.

Next stop was at Lethbridge, Alberta noted for the High Level RR Bridge seen below,

These attractive gardens adorned the area near the visitors' center at Lethbridge.

It was extremely windy that day as evidenced by these flags at the visitor center. 

Back in the "Lower 48" we found these scenes at Great Falls, Montana. This is the area of the Missouru River that held up the Lewis and Clark Expedition for 18 days. They thought there was only one falls to portage around --- in reality there were five!

Here is a picture of the "Great Springs" which is the headwaters of the shortest river in America (about 200 feet).

Montana has a rather impressive capitol building.

Couldn't resist stopping to take some pictures of the cloudy sky and streaking shafts of sunlight across this prairie.

We found the headwaters of the Missouri River in this rural area in Yellowstone County, Montana.

We thought this cabin looked airy.

At mile 0 on the Madison River is the headwaters of the Missouri.

The Monument to the US Cavalry who died at the battle of the Little Big Horn. The fenced area is dotted with markers indicating the spots where the soldiers fell that day in 1875.

Although he died here, Gen Custer is buried at West Point, NY.


The Sioux and Cheyanne Indian monument was recently completed and is located near the Cavalry Monument.

The Cavalry monument is seen through a "door" in the Indian monument.

Someone did a great deal of calculating and placed the geographic center of the 50 U S states at this place in Butte County, South Dakota.

X marks the spot.

The flags of each state are arranged around the geo center in the order in which they joined the Union. New jJersey's flad in at the exteme right of this picture.

Roughlock Falls Nature area is located in the Spearfish Canyon which many consider to be one of the most beautiful and breathtaking locations in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It take its name from the method used by the pioneers' to brake the wagons on steep downhills. They pushed a log through the spokes so that the wheels couldn't turn.


Located in Spearfish Canyon, it is a pretty spot and very well maintained.

Next came:

Every bit as interesting as when we visited here in 2002. We took the time to hike a few trails and grab some photos as we went.

"Why does it always have to be snakes" - Indiana Jones

One of the manmade wonders of Mitchell, SD is the Corn Palace.

All the decorations on the exterior and interior of this building are CORN!

Bloomfield, Iowa has this rococo style courthouse. Totally out of keeping with the homes and businesses in this towm.

And then we went home.....

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